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from Star Products Co., Ltd., Hong Kong and Crown Company Limited , Japan

Adult Mask - ASTM Level 2

June 10, 2020

Kashikoina brand will be the first mask with level 2 quality made in Hong Kong. It will be sold online through our affiliate company


Children Mask - ASTM Level 2

June 20, 2020

Kashikoina brand to produce level 2 quality mask for children. The children mask will be marketed online via our affiliate company


Dalian Exhibition

September 19, 2019

Crown Company participated in Dalian Exhibition to promote Japanese technology to China.


Letter of appreciation from Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture on donation of 10,000 surgical mask

August 13, 2020

Crown Company Limited had donated 10,000 surgical mask to Kanagawa Prefecture in May 2020. The product was ASTM Level 1 and was produced by Vjoy Limited.


Mask Donation

MAY. 20, 2020

Donation of ten thousand pieces of level one surgical mask to Kanagawa prefecture.


Patent No. 6493600

MAR. 23, 2019

Crown Company Limited acquires patent for bottle mixing device and spray bottle design.


Patent No. 6493613

MAR. 23, 2019

Crown Company Limited acquires patent on hand washing device for handicap patients.


Patent No. 6717513

JUN. 15, 2020

Crown Company Limited has acquired its third patent on June 15, 2020 on mega blister bottle cap design. It is now filing in the United States.


Patent No. 6986797

December 2, 2021

Our HCLO Patent & Technology

Despite hypochlorous acid (HCLO) having all the characteristics of being a superior disinfectant for bacteria and viruses, it has not been so popular for general use, because it was difficult to produce, unstable, and hard to store.

Our patented technology has resolved all the known drawbacks of HCLO. Our process can produce pure and stable HCLO water, safely, easily, with prolonged storage life. Furthermore, the ingredients are natural.

Our technology is registered in Japan on December 2, 2021 under Patent No. 6986797. We are currently patent pending with the rest of the World, and are protected under International Patent Cooperation Treaty.

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